Laboratory Equipments

Gold Diagnostics has a wide range of fully automated analyzers that are periodically calibrated to provide accurate results.

Horiba ABX Micros 60 Hematology Analyzer
Principle: Impedance and Specific Lyse Action
Coagulation Profile Analyzer:
Hemostar XF 2.0
Coagulation Profile Analyzer
Principle:Opto-Mechanical Measuring System
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics (J&J) VITROS 250
Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer
Methodology:Reflectance Spectrophotometry (Dry Chemistry)
Throughput Rate: Upto 250 results per hour
Roche Diagnostics AVL 9180 Series
Electrolyte Analyzer (Fully Automatic Analyzer)
Measures Electrolytes from Whole Blood, Serum, Plasma, Urine Dialysate or Aqueous Standards.
Immuno-Assay (Hormone Assay)
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics (J&J) VITROS ECI
Fully Automated Immunoassay Analyzer
Principle: Chemi-luminescence
Quality Results Intellicheck: the on-board Quality System.
Serology Analyzer:
Micro LAB RX-50
Biochemistry & Serology Analyzer (Semi-Automated)
Principle: Absorption Spectrophotometry
Agappe Mispa-i3 – Fully Automated
Principle: Cartridge BasedQuantitative Nephelometry with individual calibration.